Friday, 10 May 2013 08:52

Simatic Step7 Step by step Training Software

Investor company and Project owner: Qeshm Voltage co. Supervisor: Asghar Jabalbarezi Sarbijan Project manager and designer: M.H.Nakhchi Partner: A.M.Sohrabi

In this project I produce a Multimedia Software for training goal, step 7 is engineering software from Siemens. in fallowing I introduce contents of this software: 1- My first project 2- Design (add a device to profibus dp network, add profibus dp, archive/retritive, creat new project, creat pc station, insert new hardware station) 3- Configuration (insert new hardware station, configure CPU interrupts, insert expansion rack) 4- Programming (creat linear program, creat resouble subroutine ) 5- Trouble shooting (clear PLC memory, modify force variable, PLC faults