Sunday, 01 September 2013 06:27

Sun Tracking Set

Investor company and Project owner: Qeshm Voltage co.
Supervisor: Asghar Jabalbarezi Sarbijan,
Project master expert: S.Mahboobi ,
Project manager and designer: A.Shokraneh and B.Karimzadeh,
Partner: F.Rastegar, H.Khalatbary, F.Bahmani, P.Bahmani.

There are many ways to use the solar energy as the source of electrical energy, such as Photovoltaic, Thermal plants, solar tower ,… .Sun Tracking systems are the one solution for optimization and maximize efficiency in solar plants.In the Sun Tracking Set, we have simulate a photovoltaic sun tracking plant via a PLC based control system that equipped with a HMI for monitor system status for training purposes.