Sunday, 01 September 2013 06:21

Solar Power Set

Investor company and Project owner: Qeshm Voltage co.
Supervisor: Asghar Jabalbarezi Sarbijan,
Project master expert: : S.Mahboobi ,
Project manager and designer: H.Khalatbary and A.Shokraneh,
Partner: F.Rastegar.

Solar Energy is one of the fast growing types of renewable energies in the word. It is so clean, green and free.Educating the expert persons is the important point for use this energy.For the first time in iran, Qeshm Voltage company presents a Solar Power Training set. This set includes all of the main equipment of a Photovoltaic system, such as a Solar photovoltaic panel, charge controller, battery, inverter, DC & AC loads, motion sensor & a buzzer for simulating a Solar powered alarm system, multimeter and a projector as a sun