Sunday, 01 September 2013 06:07

Solar DC Power Set

Investor company and Project owner: Qeshm Voltage co.
Supervisor: Asghar Jabalbarezi Sarbijan,
Project master expert: S.Mahboobi ,
Project manager and designer: H.Khalatbary,
Partner: A.Shokraneh.

Sun is the big source of energy and it is free for use. Solar power is one of renewable energy types that we can use it easily in our country for small and large scales, such as power Plants, homes, offices, and other uses.And now we have released small and portable Solar DC power Set for educational purposes.In this Training Set, all equipment including: 2 solar panel, 2 batteries, 12/24V charge Controller, 12/24 VDC loads, and other components are placed in a small & bag size package. We can Simulate agricultural use of solar power by connecting an Optional inverter & AC water pump to this package.