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Investor company and Project owner:Qeshm Voltage co.
 Supervisor & project manager: Asghar Jabalbarezi Sarbijan
Designer: H. Selehian
This project is a didactic Robot. It is a small industrial robot with 5 DOF (Degrees of Freedom). It has a workspace of 520mm and it can pick a 1 kg load. The gripper is changeable. Its electric motors are servo motor. The microprocessor used in this robot is Atmel (Atmega168 ). Therefore, it is controlled by its own software via a computer in addition to be controlled through a teachpendent. The connection port between robot and PC is RS232 or USB.
To set the duty for this robot at first the program should be written in the software by setting some points and adding commands. Hence the robot executes the commands in order to have a defined motion. This robot can be combined with a rotating table or conveyor system to perform a more complicated task. This is very important in the product lines of factories.
One specification of this robot is the capability of robot to rotate all its joints simultaneously that results in an optimized smooth motion which leads to have efficient linear velocity in the end effecter. The defined functions of this robot are useful for training robotics, mechatronics and automation in universities and applied science universities.

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Mechatronic Set

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Investor company and Project owner:Qeshm Voltage co.
 Supervisor & Project manager: Asghar Jabalbarezi Sarbijan
Designer: Hossein Selehian& M. Shokraneh
This project is a didactic Mechatronic Set. It is involved of several stations (e.g. 5 & 8 stations) including Distributing, Testing, Buffering, Processing, Handling, Separating, Punching and Storing stations.
These stations simulate a factory product line in which different processes are in handle. At first one part of a product is inserted via distributing station into a conveyor. Then along the path there are a couple of sensors to recognize different types of material (e.g. metal, plastic or wood and etc.). It can also test dimensions of the part to let it go on. Then it is picked up by a Cartesian Robot and in another station it will be pressed or drilled or milled. It has also a buffering station to store extra parts temporally for further usage. It has the handling station to pick and place and move the parts to another station. A separating station also plays the role of separating parts based on the color that they have. Finally the parts are collected in the storing station.
This set is controlled by a PLC S7 313C 2 DP. The components used in this set are pneumatic ,electrical and mechanical.

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Sun Tracking Set

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Investor company and Project owner: Qeshm Voltage co.
Supervisor: Asghar Jabalbarezi Sarbijan,
Project master expert: S.Mahboobi ,
Project manager and designer: A.Shokraneh and B.Karimzadeh,
Partner: F.Rastegar, H.Khalatbary, F.Bahmani, P.Bahmani.

There are many ways to use the solar energy as the source of electrical energy, such as Photovoltaic, Thermal plants, solar tower ,… .Sun Tracking systems are the one solution for optimization and maximize efficiency in solar plants.In the Sun Tracking Set, we have simulate a photovoltaic sun tracking plant via a PLC based control system that equipped with a HMI for monitor system status for training purposes.

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